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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Happy Meal trifecta!

My collection is very nearly complete! As I've mentioned in the past, right after I saw the Pixar movie, Cars, I started collecting the McDonald's Happy Meal toy cars, just for fun and my grandbaby Astin's play pleasure sometime in the future. On Monday I stopped at a Golden Arches establishment in Salt Lake City, telling the BSU that I was getting a fresh cup of coffee. Which I did, of course at the same time asking which Happy Meal cars they had in their bin. Turns out this particular store had the three remaining cars I needed for my collection, Flo, Ramone and Fillmore, the hippy bus. Hurray, my collection's complete!

Except, I realized after looking at their toy display on the way out the door that there is a second Ramone lowrider, in a different color! Now I have to find that one to be complete...

And why the hell is there no Happy Meal Sarge jeep? Huh? Sarge is a main character in the movie as much as Fillmore but somehow he doesn't seem to be part of the McDonalds collection. There's no little fork lift fellow either...

Monday's coffee cost me just about 7 bucks, in case you were wondering. That was the BSU's question to me!

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